Quarter Life Transition

Whew. Since I had my car accident my life has been in complete flux and its been hard to catch up. I’m officially on the east coast and currently Im working on a film. Between feb 9 and now I have learned more about producing and the entertainment industry than I have learned living in LA for three years! And Since I am in a sharing mood I’m going to share with you.

  1. Business Associates are not Friends so don’t put your trust in them.

Its really easy to feel like your colleagues in the industry are your friends that care about you. When I say don’t put your trust in them, I don’t mean you shouldn’t trust your colleagues. We put our trust in our parents and family members and sometimes relinquish control to them. This should never be done with business associates. Never get comfortable .These aren’t your friends no matter how friendly you are.

2.  Always have multiple streams of income.

Unfortunately I have been supa dupa po so I know how it feels when you are behind in rent and don’t have enough money for the phone bill. Whether its contributing to a blog or working remote as a social media manager you need to to have more than one job.

3. Don’t Show All Your Cards

Don’t give everyone all you resources. I used to feel like i had to overcompensate because I am young and i wanted people to know that I was a serious professional so I would divulge all my connections to networks and such. Its not necessary. Some people don’t deserve to know your PR contact. Keep it close to the vest.

4. Listen

I can’t say this enough. Most people NEVER listen. They wait to talk or they think about the next time they’re going to eat while you’re talking. Listening will help you discern you is full of shit and who is not.

5. Watch What People Do and Ignore What They Say

People say a lot of things, but watch what they do. And look out for inconstancies in what they say. A stepping stone is a stepping stone, but don’t do business with garbage people.

At this point, Im hyper focused on writing and producing. After I finish the last rewrite for my feature film, I’ll submit it to about 10 screenplay competitions and complete by next one. Im also in the process of writing a pilot and web series. My plan is to shoot my web series in the fall and collaborate with other artists in the tri state area. In the last week I have made my first TV pitch, pitched an idea to a film fund and I have less than $20 bucks in my account. Yes, the struggle is real. Yet there are so many opportunities abound. I’m still learning how I can capitalize on them.





2 thoughts on “Quarter Life Transition

  1. jason says:

    You are just becoming more mature. I know for me, ever since I graduated high school in 1997, I have found that every 3-5 years I enter into a completely new season of life that I have to adapt to.

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