Why Im Moving Back to New York

If you haven’t heard already, by March 2nd I’m leaving LA for good. Well at least for now. When I had a visit back home, I felt like there was so much going on in NY and so much work for me if I was there. I was happy, having fun with people outside the business and around people who were CREATING. I was a little sad coming back to LA because there wasn’t much going on for me here. It felt like everything was a struggle. But I kept on saying “I can’t leave until I get what I came her for.” I came to LA to be a movie star. I truly believed it would happen for me here.


My car immediately after the accident. A very nice police officer drove it off the sidewalk to a parking spot.

Then on Feb 1st I was in a car accident. A woman ran the red light and t-boned me, with the impact of the hit moving my car off the road onto the sidewalk nearly missing a woman walking her dog. I was injured and as a sat in the hospital alone, I thought. I’m done. I’m done being alone in LA. I can do this in NY. At first I felt like I would be starting over, but when I started to tell me close friends and colleagues they were excited and I even got a job…in New York!



This is the Im done with LA face.


The funny thing is, I came to LA to be a movie star and I haven’t made it quite yet, but LA gave me all the tools I need to become a movie producer. Right now I’m the lead producer on a feature film that shoots in New Orleans in April with an all star cast and I get to call the shots. Everything I have done in the past has prepared me for this moment.


Happy after the decision. I was on my way to the Image Awards!



6 thoughts on “Why Im Moving Back to New York

  1. Motown Maurice says:

    I’m so glad you’re safe. You have creative angels watching over you. You are in tune with the universe. Keep your focus. Continue to cultivate your dreams and your journey will take you places further than you ever imagined. Peace, success and many blessings.

  2. jason says:

    I totally understand.. something similar happened to me. I moved to LA and life got to a point where I wasn’t happy, and I was struggling just to get by in LA.
    Though I moved to LA to pursue music and acting opportunities I also cherish my experiences while there. But I ended up moving back home after a few years of living in Hollywood.
    Stay encouraged! Hope the production you’re working on in NOLA is a success.

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