I Got Kicked Out of My Writers Group

About two years ago I was in this writers group called The Aspiring Writers Initiative and that’s exactly what I was…an aspiring writer. I wanted to write because I thought it would give me better leverage as an actress. The problem was I couldn’t write a screenplay for shit and my skill in poetry and short stories was not transferring very well to screenplay writing. Long story short, I got kicked out of the group. I couldn’t keep up and they couldn’t hold the group back because  of my inability to complete the assignments.

But as of today I have written a 112 page feature and I’m 19 pages into my second. I’m writing to tell you this because it took me two years to complete a solid beat sheet outline. I quit a lot during those two years, but this year I decided I wScreen Shot 2016-12-22 at 10.02.20 PM.pngouldn’t quit anymore and I would keep hitting my head against the wall until something came through. Eventually I had a decent outline and then I got the confidence to go deeper into the writing process. Now I’m on a roll and all I want to do is keep writing until I have 5-7 scripts on deck. Most actors aren’t sitting around excited about writing 13 pages in one day, but I am because I think I found a plan that works for me. Literally creating my catalog.

In the new year you may have no skills. But that doesn’t mean you can’t learn and grow. You can create any skill or talent you want with research and practice. Google is free ya’ll! At this point I’m convinced that I could learn how to build a tiny house if I really wanted to.


One thought on “I Got Kicked Out of My Writers Group

  1. jason says:

    So happy for you! Writing a screenplay is no easy pursuit. With perseverance, faith and passion, all things are possible.
    I definitely want to write a screenplay, and put these ideas to action!

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