30 Day Discipline Challenge

I’ve been doing this 30 Day Discipline challenge and I’ve learned so much. Not only am I learning a lot but Im starting to see things change right before my eyes. So here is the challenge. Everyday I say my affirmations everyday. They include bodygoals, career goals, relationship goals and things I want to have. I also focus on being positive and speaking the things I want in my life. I’ve also been dressage up for often for average tasks, like going grocery shopping. Instead of wearing sweats I’ll put on a dress. It’s been going well. Now that I dress up i feel like people want to speak to me more.

Although the challenge is only for 30 days, I want to make it apart of my lifestyle. However I am excited to measure the fruits of the 30 day challenge. So far, I have a new bed, I’ve attracted new friends and Im starting to align with producers and famous actors. Nothing concrete yet, but after thirty days of completing my “rituals” I defiantly expect for some new developments in my career.

I definitely encourage you to do your own discipline challenge. I think writing down what you want to accomplish each day is crucial. I have a to do list for the rest of the year. If I complete everything on my to do list, I will have shot a short film and completed 3 screenplays along with writing an e-book. It’s 4 months, but thats still pretty impressive.

I started listening to Brian Tracy and he’s been crucial to helping me figure out my time management.




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