If You’re Still Here, You’ve Already Won

Over the past 72 hours my phone was stolen and my car literally wouldn’t start. I couldn’t complain to the dealer, because I didn’t buy it from a dealer (trying to get a deal) and my phone was coincidentally stolen while I was at a Christian event at a hotel in downtown Los Angeles.

If I was home, these things wouldn’t really bother me. But the fact that I’m 3000 miles away from family really affected my entire situation. I had to shell out more money than I wanted to. Something that probably wouldn’t be necessary if I was home and I had to be a car detective for the first time in my life.

Native New Yorkers don’t get cars. We don’t even get licenses until we turn 30. Anywhoo, I had to put my big girl panties on and I figured it all out. I did’t even cry! (I was close though) I don’t think people get enough credit for leaving their homes in pursuit of a new life or goal they have. Sometimes I’m surprised I haven’t gotten evicted, but then I remember, I have multiple people praying for me and I’m a pretty smart cookie.

If you left the safety and security of home to pursue something bigger, pat yourself on the back. Even if you only eat once a day. You are doing it! The fact you are still here proves you beat the odds.



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