3 Year LAverssary!

Its been 3 years. I’m officially a toddler. Although I feel like I’ve learned so much and experienced a lot, I still feel like Im at the very beginning. I remember when it was my first week in LA and I met someone who had been here for 2 years. I thought she was an LA vet, but I resist the LA veteran status. I like being an expat. I’m starting to see how one can be in LA for 10 years and not accomplish much. I’ve been here 3 years and I don’t feel like I’ve done enough. But I have discovered the secret; Deadlines.


Shooting a webseries in Hollywood.

Everyone is against it. They say you’re whole life should be dedicated to pursing yo
ur dream. Don’t put a deadline on it. But at some point you have to finish something. Although I have been able to participate in a bunch of film and web projects in LA nothing really pushed me forward enough for me to be content with where I am. Which i


With Emmy nominee Anthony Hemingway at the “Underground” screening.

s why I have changed the way I’m pursuing my goal. Instead of auditioning like everyone else, I’m creating my own projects which means I’m doing a lot of writing and a day job doesn’t really inconvenience me. Currently I’m writing a comedic feature about a guy who gets transported into an alternate universe and has to find his way back home. So far I’m in the 2nd draft of the outline and I can actually see the end.

I think a big part of the reason actors don’t like deadlines when it comes to LA is because they have no idea how to get to the place they want to be, so they don’t know how long it could actually take. But once I started looking into what I needed to do to package my own film, it became very clear how long it would actually take and I gave myself a tight deadline. i.e. I’m supposed to have this script done by Oct 1st.

P.S Deadlines are your friend.

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