Colors for Colored People

As I write this I have just come home from a black comedy show run by black people…I know. Shocker. Entertainment for us, by us littered with black vernacular and inside jokes that we all understood.


Me and Rome from Dormtainment!

The past two weeks have been rough for me. I felt like I was falling into a depression and I didn’t have any energy to fight it. Black people are still getting killed by the police, Flint, Michigan is poisoning its residents, some of my white fb friends are stuck in their their privilege and being assholes online, not to mention the personal shit I’ve been dealing with. It seems like the New Year came and then the bullshit started…again.

So I forced myself to go to this event. It was free so I shouldn’t have had a problem.


Me and Quinta! (Im hype)

I had an amazing time and laughed my ass off. Literally. I honestly can’t remember when I laughed that hard. A fellow filmmaker Jabari created this…I guess you could call it an event company that throws parties and now they’ll be doing comedy shows. I came solely for Quinta and if you don’t know who she is google her. Im serious. Stop reading this post and google her. She one of the few people I’m taller than so she makes me feel great about my height and she’s Quinta. She not trying to be anyone but herself which inspires me and  I respect her so much for it. My sister got me into her comedy and I’ve been a fan since.

I have concluded that the cure for white supremacy is black art. It came to me tonight. As I was cackling during a comedians joke about melodies from heaven it hit me. In that moment police brutality didn’t exhaust or weaken me. I felt inspired and full. I felt I had something to give. I’m going to support black art and recreate those moments over and over again.

Check out ColorsWorldwide on Snapchat and IG.



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