Don’t Miss Your Assignment

Devon Franklin talks about assignments a lot. For those who don’t know he is a Filmmaker, Preacher and Author based in LA. Some of his film include Jump the Broom, Miracles from Heaven and Heaven is For Real. He is also the guy married to Meagan Good. Now that you are familiar, I get to my point.

Devon says that we really need to pay attention to our surroundings or circumstances because we may be there for a specific reason and when God has you on “assignment” you won’t leave until your work is done. Recently I realized I had been ignoring one of my assignments…I didn’t even know it was an assignment!

Since I moved out of my Dad’s house I haven’t been as close to my sister and I thought it was cool to just talk to her every now and then. I don’t know why but while I was home for the holidays I decided to dig deeper into her life and I was astonished. There was so much about her views and personality that I didn’t know. I thought I was a good sister, but I realized I really had been slacking on this assignment. She has so much to say, so many opinions and views and experiences that I had no clue about! And she’s not just going to tell me about everything going on in her life. I have to ask AND I have to dig. Its not on the surface.

I almost feel like I have a new person added to my life because she not the same little sister who just follows me around and hangs out in my room. She has her own interests in music, games, you tubers etc. lol. But I feel like I almost missed it.Its a lot harder to create a relationship with someone as they get older and experience so much without you. Now I get to be a part of her story. 🙂



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