Be Led

I want to be rich, I want to be powerful. I want everything to think I’m awesome. Most people don’t say these things out loud but they scream them on the inside. To be honest, I want all of these things. If people labeled me as a rich and powerful awesome person, I would be flattered to say the least. Yet I’m learning that is not what leads to purpose and I wasn’t created to be rich, powerful and to be thought highly of. While those things could be used as a vehicle to my ultimate purpose its not where the buck ends.

My prayer life has been suffering and I didn’t even know it. I wasn’t until someone told me, I wouldn’t suffer from worry and fear so much if I was praying more and reading my Bible. So I listened and I saw a difference immediately. I have been hearing the same message over and over again. Seek to be led by God. God will give us the desire of our hearts if we follow Him. Its weird, because it feels like spending more time in the Bible and making time to go to church every week is taking away from our dreams/goals. However its actually a more straightforward way to abundance and really awesome relationships.

I have been in my Bible consistently for maybe a week and I already have let go of so much fear/worry and reconnected with old friends. My life is actually more fulfilling and less stress filled. All because I’m looking to Jesus for guidance.



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