Why Im Not Giving Up on Raven Hyphen Alternate Spelling of “Simone

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I sighed as I saw the headline of the article “Raven-Symoné said she’d Discriminate Against “Ghetto-Sounding” Names”. Raven is one of those cousins who is always getting into some mess, but makes your hair fly and she doesn’t charge you. Its hard for me to hate her. I loved the Cosby Show, Dr. Dolittle, That’s So Raven, and I’ve even met on when she didn’t her time on Broadway. I had questions about getting into the industry and she answered all of them honestly and wholeheartly and wished me good luck. She gave me a lot to thing about and I admired her grace and sincerity.

Raven has said things that are problematic on the view. That doesn’t mean we shade her and act like she ain’t shit. How about someone pulling her aside and telling her what the issue is? Raven isn’t the enemy and I think if she understood why some of her “views” were problematic she would be extremely sensitive to that. I do think some people take what she says out of content because she’s an easy target. A house divided cannot stand. How about we stop dragging people on twitter and start pulling them aside and having a conversation. This is the age of social media. Raven hyphen alternate spelling of Simone is a click away.



One thought on “Why Im Not Giving Up on Raven Hyphen Alternate Spelling of “Simone

  1. jason says:

    I feel like, she’s an adult who gets paid to criticize others and give her opinions. I respect her views, but I don’t agree with her at all on most issues.

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