Pursue Excellence

What is excellence? Excellence is defined as  extremly high quality, but I like wikipedia defintion better which reads a talent or quality which is unusually good and so surpasses ordinary standards. I realized i am most happy when i pursue exlence or feel that i have achieved excellence of some sort. Since i have been LA, its been hard to achieve that feelings since Im still coming into myself as a dult and figuring out life. I have a great interview for an internship and althought i need to be focusing more on full time work, I was internested in the opportunity. It looks promising and like a place where a personality such as mine would thrive. The company is owned by a living legend and i realized what attracted me to the intenship was the oppotunity to glean from this man ellence siince he has created certain genres of music. It got me thinking about how often I pursue excellence, which not as often as I should. I’m usually trying to complete something and be adequate. But adequate isn’t fullfilling. So I am making a promise to myself to pursue excellence moving forward. Even if that means taking more time and missing out on certain oppotunities.

Lots of thoings have been changing for me. I didn’t get th internship and I started working a new job while joinging forces with a new film/tv streaming platform called kweli TV. Ive started meditating more and things gotten much clearer for me. I’ve also let go of the  “how”. The “how” is how you get wherever tou want to be in life. I don’t really care how I get there, as long as I make it in one piece. I feel like this is the beggining of a real change that catiputes my life into something completely new and Im grateful for that. I started to think about the future for a bit then, I stopped. Im focusing on living moment by moment. Never rushing anything before its time. Its very diffcult, but not impossible. I remebr hearing people say, everything thats for you, is for you and being so annoyied. I was annoyed becasue I wanted that starring role on a tv show or the role that gave me the opportnity to travel.But these days I’m letting go of thing I think are good for my career and just doing what I want to do. Being true to my inner desires. I’m creating my own lane and living there. Letting go of Holywood and all those sweet nothings. And when I did that I realized people were getting back to be about business opportunites, startups were returning my inquires and the world started to open up more. I know my medidation and mindless definately has an effect on my growth so I want to continue that.
I plan to going to yoga tommorow and if I like it I’m make it apart of my weekly routine. I really want to go deeper into myself and be the woman I always dreamed of.

One thought on “Pursue Excellence

  1. jason says:

    Hollywood can be a daunting foe for any person, no matter how intelligent, connected, or beautiful you are…but, especially a young black female aspiring for success. One thing I try to always remember, though nothing is impossible, everything has repercussions. Once you know what you want in life, you begin to say no to some opportunities, and focus on your goals. I think happiness is more spiritual than people think. Nevertheless, we all live and learn.

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