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I have been tricked on going on dates a couple times, and by tricked I mean I didn’t know it was a date until I got there. Two times I thought I was attending a business meeting, one ended with a guy cooking me filet mignon and massaging my feet so I’m not mad. But my question is, why? Why not just ask me? Just say, hey Nydia you seem like a great gal and I’ve love to take you out (or cook for you). If I like you I’ll say yes, if I don’t its a no. I’m guessing guys don’t ask all the times because they’e afraid I’ll say no. I’ve actually posed this question to a woman who is 75 and she said they are probably trying to see what kind of woman I am BEFORE so they know if I’m datable. I think that approach is silly. What if you like me and because you didn’t have the balls to ask me I’m no longer interested? So I’ve decided to make a list for guys who want to ask me out but are afraid I’ll say no. Now you can know for sure if I’ll say yes or no, or even if I’m the kind of lady you would want to date.

  1. Physical Attraction
    • If I’m not attached to you, its probably a no.
    • You better lift! muscles make me melt….we can lift together #swolemate
    • I love complimenting hot guys so I’m probably throw one your way if your not sure of my attraction. And if I flirt freely  i.e slight touching, toothy smile, I probably think you’re cute!
  2. Confidence
    • Oh, how I love a confident man! It def makes me swoon when you know what you want in life and you are going after it. Take me now!
  3. Be the Life of the Party
    • By this I mean, be the kind of person that has fun wherever they are. I love people who can enjoy themselves no matter what because sometimes i have a hard time doing that so its nice to have someone get me out go my funk.
  4. Be a Jesus Lover
    • I just don’t see myself dating a atheist, muslim etc. Even though I have questions about my religion, it is what it is.
  5. Be Family Oriented
    • Amo a mi familia tanto! Bonus if you know what that means without google. I love spending time with my family and we are really close so I really would appreciate someone who felt the same about their family.
  6. Be Adventurous!
    • Im an avid traveler and sometimes I’m not sure if I will continue to live in America long term and i need someone who understands that. Traveling is awesome, and you def need a passport if you want to date me.
    • I love skiing and I’m super outdoorsy so you probably should ask me out if you’re not into playing team sports for fun.
  7. Know who you are
    • Who are you? What drives you? Why are you the way you are? If you aren’t a master of yourself please walk away. Im interested in guys who control their fate and are really secure in themselves. If you’re not  introspective, we should just be friends.

So these are the basics, and I think that about covers it. Although I’m not actively loping to date anyone now it was nice to verbalize what specifically I want in a partner. I know its hard to figure all these things BEFORE the first date, but hopefully the next guy who is interested in me will check my blog out since everyone internet stalks these days. Then he’ll know if it makes sense to ask me on a date or guy invite me to a pool party.

Nydia Simone


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