Disney hurts my feelings

Since I work in childcare as my day job I watch a lot of Disney Channel, meaning every time I go to work its on TV. Thats about 5 days a week, maybe six if I work the weekend shift. I have watched multiple episodes of Bunked, Jessie, Austin & Ally, Liv & Maddie, it goes on and on. I still can’t believe how much I watch this network, but its the only channel we have for the kids so some weird reason. Anyway, I’ve noticed that Disney successfully employs every social stereotype about POC and it really hurts. But it only hurts because its disney. I grew up on Disney! Disney taught me to believe in true love and follow my dreams! Why are they perpetrating these age old stereotypes of black, hispanic and asian people. Don’t believe me? Let me break it down for you.


Only black character is always sassy, neck snapping and lets just say she’s very combative. The Indian guy speaks in an accent(not his normal speaking voice) and guess what? He’s really talented in math and sciences. What would you expect from an asian guy? Interest in music? Naw!

Austin & Ally

The mexican character is always serving somebody! She’s a working girl alright and loves to eat. She another loud mouthed sassy one.

Liv & Maddie

Another latina who is loud, boisterous and rough on this show. They have successfully pulled all he femininity out of this character which is sad because she’s an awesome actress. Then there’s the black guy named Holden! Holden? lol. Of course, he’s a great actor though.

KC Undecover

This one hurts because I love this show. KC is always so rough, and the little girl has too much attitude to be a robot. (You would have to watch the show to get that) But they really tried with this one. its the least offensive. And they level it out with all the dumb blonde stereotypes they employ.

I noticed when there are no stereotypes of POC, the POC are just absent. Like the show Girl Meets World has no POC…I think the nerdy girl may be a latina, but I’m not sure. If she is, she would be one of the few POC who wasn’t sassy, neck snapping finger popping etc on Disney. Its really crazy how all these different characters employ these stereotypes like its some sort of code Disney has to follow. I don’t like it because it conditions kids to think POC have to be a certain way. the white kids get to be regular, but the POC have to be in a box. So we can look forward to fighting the same battles 20 years from now. Images matter. They shape our future. There was a black President on TV before there was one in real life. There has been a woman President on TV and now we have one running for President. Images matter.

Nydia Simone


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