It’s Too Hot, web series help

Today I couldn’t focus. Its too hot in California! It was 97 yesterday and today I think it was 91. I’m going to the temp agency tomorrow so I’m excited. I really need some stability so I can work on a schedule. Right now my schedule is all over the place so its hard to me to write, and create and really get things done in a timely manner.

I’ve been running into some challenges as my web series has it run. I’m getting less views because I’m not promoting it as much, but i have to edit the rest of the series so it will be on time. I wanted to edit everything beforehand, but it didn’t work out that way. now it seems like less people will be watching because Im the only one really promoting it. Im looking to get some insight from other content creators in my boat. The cool thing is, people like it. A lot. Its really encouraging to hear how much people love the series but I notice that when people tell me I’m a great actress, its almost not enough. I see myself tell people that I wrote it, directed it, edited it etc. Its not being a great actress isn’t enough, I want more. I’m not sure where that is coming from but I really noticed it today and I started to recognize my feelings and really accept the compliment and let the rest go. I didn’t come to hollywood to be a writer. director editor. I came to be an actress, everything else is a plus.

I’m considering picking the series to Hulu, Bounce and TV One. I’ve been learning about how web series transition to networks and I believe mine could easily make a transition with the right team.


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