Cheaters Cheat! Devon Franklin’s Book isn’t too bad…

I was watching the Wendy William’s show…. yes I watch The Wendy Williams show. Anyways, Wendy brought up something Jada Pinkett said about a cheating spouse. It said something along the lines of “cheating isn’t about you and are you willing go into the depths of the cheater souls and figure them out”? Jada can be very…Jada. It is so annoying when discussing hetero relationships how the woman is always trying to figure out” their cheating spouse. Men don’t try to figure out their cheating spouses, they kick them to the curb! As they should. If your partner can’t keep their commit to you they can kick rocks. End of story. I understand if you have children and whatnot but if you are free, why would you stay with someone who’s actions showed their lack of respect for you? And why are women constantly trying to figure their fuck boys out? He’s a fuck boy. End of story.

On another note I was chatting with one of my friends and I’m a little envious at where he is in life. He has so much control over his finances, relationships and is really able to do a lot of cool things that i want to do. I feel like he has so many choices, but he also has wisdom that i haven’t acquired yet. I started reading Devon Franklins’s book “Produced By Faith” today and its talked about perseverance and not arriving too quickly at your destination for fear of loosing it. I don’t want wealth and success to come too fast, but I still want to move forward. I understand my character is being built, but I guess I feel like Im ready for what is industry has to offer. Keep watching “In This Life” on Youtube! Ep 2 dropped yesterday! 


Nydia Simone

2 thoughts on “Cheaters Cheat! Devon Franklin’s Book isn’t too bad…

  1. jason says:

    I think it all depends on if the cheater had remorse from their actions. Everyone messes up… the Bible says if you look at a woman lustfully, then it’s the same as adultery.
    Well, I think Jada just understands that it’s extremely difficult to “start over from scratch” and not all relationships are easily replaceable. If you have invested years of your life, as well as your heart, in a relationship with someone I know it would be hard for me to just throw it away over a mistake.

    • nydiasimone says:

      I would have to disagree. Like you said the bible says you sin as soon as you look at a woman lustfully and to go beyond that and make the decision to be unfaithful is a deal breaker for me. I guess its difficult if you are married with kids. But the relationship was broken a long time ago if you’re married with kids and your spouse is cheating.

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