African Americans Can’t Appropriate African Culture…end of story

Yesterday I was so pissed by this woman who wrote an article telling black people to stop “appropriating” African culture. Yup. You heard it right. AFRICAN Americans should stop appropriating African culture…like it’s a real thing. She said it was “offensive” when were wear African garments not knowing the history.

I was offended because as an African American when I wear African clothing, its be more connected to MY culture. I’m not a white woman who thinks a dashiki head wrap is cute so I wear it for a week and when its not in season I throw it away. I cherish my African heritage even though I don’t know which country or countries my ancestors come from and I will eventually pay for the DNA test that tells you where your roots are from.

This is a perfect example of how the black diaspora stays divided. Africans with this kind of attitude perpetuate this idea that somehow they are better than black American’s. Hope you enjoyed my rant for the day! Lol

Nydia Simone


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