Day 6- Humility


Today was the scariest day of all. A friend heavily suggested I go to Beverly Hills to collect donations today. I really didn’t want to do it. Its so pretentious there! You can feel the judgement oozing out of people and it made me really insecure. But I needed that. I needed to feel the judgement and let it go so I could become stronger. A t first it was really hard. Someone even asked if I was homeless…which was weird. Homeless people don’t walk around with purses and fully made up faces, but I digress. I guess it was the sign. Good thing is, he gave a donation. 

This journey to Cannes has really helped me to let go of my pride and be more humble. I used to feel like you really needed to work hard to let go of pride, almost like it was a strenuous action. But now i feel like its the opposite. Its almost inaction. Just letting go. Just being. Your complete authentic self. And it feels so good! There’s no stress about it. You just are who you are. Humility really agrees with me. LOL. 

P.S. Please donate here–>




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