Day 5- Journey to Cannes

Got home not too long ago. I won’t go into too much detail because you’ll fall sleep. I went to Hermosa Beach to get some donations…lets just say it wasn’t the best place to get donations there. Not too many people carry cash on them when they’re surfing. LOL. But I didn’t get kicked out, so that was good. I have an awesome new idea. I’m going to write my indiegogo link on small pieces of paper so I can give them to the people who don’t carry cash. A light bulb went off in my head in the middle of the day. So I’ll do that tomorrow.

I’m in an interesting place in my life. At the current moment you could say I’m struggling since I’m financially unstable and can’t seem to get hired anywhere, but thats going to change soon when I start shooting the TV show and go to Cannes. I can feel it. It’s like i’m at the end of the tunnel and I’m about to walk into the light.

I want to do something really special for the people who are supporting me on this journey to Cannes. That’s what I’m calling it now. Pretty catchy. Let me know if you have suggestions. Not really sure what I can do since I’m not in the position to give anything. But I’m going to try. I’m so grateful and humbled by people giving me their money so I can continue to follow my dream. Makes me want to give back even more.




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