Day 4

Today was a bit rough. I went to The Grove and they said I couldn’t take donations 20 mins later. But it was a really good spot. 😦 Its one of the most high traffic areas in LA. I met some awesome people today, but I was still disappointed. I just felt like the concierge at The Grove were being an unnecessary obstacle for me. If I would have stayed in the center of The Grove I probably would have raised ALL the money I needed. Its really annoying because as a young person whose graduated college the opportunities are really slim. It feels like there’s no where to go, but people tell you to follow your dream anyway. I have 2 weeks to raise 1500. I have no doubt that I’ll do it, but its hard. 

I am learning a lot about myself and other people. This experience has definitely made me more humble. And I like it. I’ve also learned that a lot of people are really giving. People want other people to do well. I think as a society, we think we have to be competitive, but the easiest way to achieve something is with the help of others. I also learned that I had to find a way to actively engage with the LA community on a consistent basis. It has so much to offer! I’ve learned so much about the people of LA when I go out. It feels good. 



Please donate here! I day left on my campaign.

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