Day 2- The Kindness of Strangers


Today was much more successful. Now I only need $1,561 and I can reserve my spot! I got to Baldwin Crenshaw Plaza around 11am so it was early enough to get some good traffic. I found a post on an overpass right outside of Walmart next to some canvassers. Within 7 mins I had a dollar so I knew today would be productive. After about 2 hrs I had gotten way more donations than I did in Beverly Hills. Lesson learned. But then security told me I had to go somewhere else because I couldn’t collect donations outside of Walmart. He was friendly and the nearby canvassers told me I would make more money doing what they did so I helped them get signatures. After 2 hrs I wasn’t feeling it. So I ate some lunch and found a new location. Since it was the afternoon, I figured people would be going to the movies so I went there. I don’t think it was 10 mins when a different security person told me I had to move, then he pointed to different place I could go so I went there. After 30 mins, its going good. 🙂 I think an hour later ANOTHER security person said I had to leave. It was was right after some people said they would et some cash for me so I lost it. I left and cried like a baby.

I tried to be strong, but I’m trying EVERYTHING I can think of to raise this money in time. While I was trying not to cry I met some lawyers and they asked when what was wrong so i told them my dilemma. They were very nice and offered to help by asking people in their network for donations and telling me to ask for in kind donations i.e. frequent flyer miles. Awesome idea. After that I decided it was time to go home. It had been a long day and i was tired and my eyes looked a little puffy.

The kindness of starters kind of overwhelmed me. It was amazing. People who never knew me were nice enough to invest in my future. But they actually wanted to! Two people prayed over me and it was awesomtastic! Just being in the presence of God and being so vulnerable was great. It gave me so much strength in confidence. Yeas ago, I would have never done this because my pride wouldn’t let me. But, I felt so close to people I didn’t even know! it was beautiful. 

So don’t be afraid to be vulnerable. You may think people will judge you in whatever way but do what you need to do to get to your goal. That’s it.


Love ya!



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