My First Time Street Hustlin!


The day started out pretty good. I had a great breakfast. I created my poster on the back of my vision board since I didn’t have anything else to use and since I didn’t have a bucket, so I used a brown paper bag and wrote “Cannes Fund” on it. It took me some time to make it though and by the time the bus got to the Beverly Center it was 1pm. So it was a pretty late start, but a start nonetheless. Before I got to my post I stopped to check my email and a man asked me about my poster. I thought it was great and got excited as he pulled out his wallet. But he gave me his card. He wanted me to work for him. So we talked a little bit. I need a job so I was all ears. He was in real estate so I thought it was cool.After that, I find my post and I’m super nervous because I’ve never asked for donations on the street before. What do I say? I figure, it wouldn’t be so bad if i just smiled. So I did that. Another guy was at the corner doing sign tricks so I didn’t feel so alone. And I met a woman who worked for the LA Times. She was doing a story on the guy doing sign tricks and I made it into her story. Free press! She had a photographer all set up and he took some pictures of my sign too. About 7 mins later the first guy I met shows up. Lets call him Larry. So Larry says I should come with him to the open house. After a quick prayer for safety, I say “sure”.

*Okay, I know this sounds bad but I don’t get in any strangers car. The reporter from LA Times was there and saw the whole thing, and she had my information so I told her to call me in 30 mins. Larry gave her his card to make her feel better and she made herself feel a whole lot better by taking a picture of his license plate.

We get to the open house and it its pretty cool. I just walk around ask some questions and look pretty. I think to myself, “why haven’t I been doing this before”?! Oh and he gives me 40 bucks so I don’t feel like I’m wasting my time. ūüėČ Winning. After a chat in the car about a possible job with his company I got back to my post. The reporter is glad I wasn’t kidnapped. This is where it gets awkward. I try to smile but I just feel weird. But eventually someone drops a couple bucks in my bag and I feel better about standing at a busy intersection in Beverly Hills asking complete strangers for money. Some people just took pictures and tweeted it and others took my card. I also met an acquaintance¬†who later gave me information about new representation and a ride home. I was cold in that itty bitty dress!

So in 4 hrs I left with:

60 dollars

possible job

possible new reps

Press in the LA Times

I say it was good day. Tomorrow I’m going to a different location and I’m going to get started at 10am. I’ll let you know the happenings!

btw. Donate here–>¬†




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