Sandbergs #BanBossy Campaign. My Thoughts


Let me start off by saying I am a huge supporter of Sheryl Sandberg and her work. I think she is an inspiration and a pioneer for women in tech. With all that being said, ban bossy?! Of all the words you chose to ban…BOSSY? Not Bitch, not slut, not whore, but bossy. Bossy isn’t a word regulated to just women and girls. Boys get called bossy too and sometimes its because… they’re being bossy.

When I heard it the first time, it caught me off guard. Since Beyonce was onboard, I was onboard. I thought it was cute. Then I started reading more about it and it seemed a little ambitious. I really don’t think banning the word bossy will translate into girls having more self esteem and taking more leadership roles. I think we should tell girls the cold hard truth at a young age. How about telling them, they will be considered less intelligent because they are women, they will be expected to exploit themselves sexually to get the things they want, and peers (men AND women) will call them a bitch when they are assertive in the work place. How about teaching girls how to deal with these things which WILL happen irrespective if they are called bossy or not. Girls need to know when they are young how sexist and racist the world is and how to deal with it. Give the tools they needs to succeed by opening their eyes and not lying to them. I wish someone would have told me when I was 10 that men my fathers age would hit on me and sometimes a male wanting to mentor me wanted more than a mentee. Or that looking a little sexy at the job interview can actually get you the job. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how smart you are because you’re not in the room for your brain, but your looks. This is what we need to tell girls. Give them a dose of reality, so their feelings aren’t hurt when they’re called bossy when they’re 22. 

However I do appreciate the conversation that the ban bossy campaign is starting. And I will support it and hashtag away on twitter because I do want to be apart of the solution and I believe in the solidarity of women. 



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