Don’t Read This Post. It’s Too Mushy

It’s starting to feel it again. The loneliness. Made a pretty cool friend that was constant and he had to go back to his hometown which really sucked. Its pretty hard for me to create authentic friendships in LA. I don’t want to seem like a downer but I don’t want to be blind either.

I was speaking to this guy I met at jazz event tonight and he was from New York…well at least he said he was. It says he’s from Ohio on Facebook which makes sense. Anyway he said he would never go back because his whole life is in LA now. I came here with the intention being bicoastal at some point. But now, I kinda want my home base to be NY again. NY is a great place to live. I have my family there. The food is great, the people are awesome. The social scene is awesome no matter what. In LA, you have to search for a social scene. Its not just there and when you find it you may not enjoy it if you don’t have friends. And thats my own fault. I came here with the intention of working on a TV show and having a great life was supposed to be a plus. It wasn’t the goal. And I should be happy because I am working on a network TV show thats going to blow up and be on the screens of teens and tweens everywhere in America. I guess I just didn’t realize the catch 22. Having something to celebrate, but not having your friends and family around. Didn’t count on that. The weather’s nice.



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