Sometimes Lack of Diversity is an Accident


Let’s be honest, there is a lack of diversity EVERYWHERE. On Television, in Film, commercials, blogs, corporations. But here’s the secret. Sometimes its an accident, which means no one personally shut any specific group out. It just happened. I guess you can blame it on white supremacy. But it really has a lot to do with the division of our country. Think about it. You’re a white guy who grew up in Portland, OR which is the whitest city in America. You’re a pretty liberal guy and a nice person.  You get a great job in New York City working for a top ad agency. You promote people you feel comfortable can do the job; all white people just like you! Maybe you even write a blog with lots of pictures. All the pictures are white men, just like you! You aren’t racist or even prejudice, you just haven’t been exposed. Let’s be honest, all the history we learned in grade school was white history, with some Harriet Tubman sprinkled in February. 

We have to acknowledge the fact that some of this lack of diversity and inclusiveness when it pertains to jobs, and diverse images in the media is due to ignorance and lack of exposure. So  I decided to say something when I noticed the lack of diversity on a blog etc. To my surprise when I tell a blogger I love thier content and ask for more diverse images i.e. pictures of black and hispanic people THEY APOLOGIZE.

They didn’t even realize people of color kinda felt left out. 

And they felt bad for doing that, and worse because you love their work. Now, do they actually go and make a change? That, I don’t know. But I do know that I can be inclusive and diverse in my message. Sometimes you have to be the example and others will follow. But, don’t be afraid to say sometimes and ask for more diversity. You deserve it!



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