Today I spent about 90% of my day on my couch, which doubles as an office and adult play space. The other 10% was spent making food and using the bathroom. It sounds like a lazy day, but I was actually very productive. I sent a lot of emails, had a 3 hr consultation/brainstorming session for my indiegogo campaign etc. I’ll post to link below. You see, I’m focusing most of my energies everyday to raising money for my trip to Cannes. In January I was accepted into a program “Creative Minds in Cannes” which positions the best and brightest young people to advance their career during the Cannes Film Festival in France. Its $2,400 for the program fee and that includes the scholarship. So now I’m bartering social media management services, assistant services etc for donations. 

I’m really learning a lot about crowd funding and promotion. And I learned that you should appeal to the people who already love you. And you really learn who your friends are and who’s just an acquaintance. Lol. Crowdfunding can be very humbling. Tomorrow I have a meeting in Woodland Hills, CA which is the equivalent of traveling from Brooklyn to Long Island. Annoying, but its worth it. And I’m happy to be in the position where I can have a meeting with a Hollywood exec, so I’m cool. Just gotta wake up early. 

Btw, if you have any ideas on fundraising or crowd funding LET ME KNOW! My email is


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