Black and Sexy TV is Taking Over!


Black and Sexy TV is changing the game.  Netflix started it, but they are definitely capitalizing on webtv. If you aren’t hip to the Youtube world, let me enlighten you. Black and Sexy TV is an entertainment and lifestyle network that got its start on Youtube. After 2 years of 6 successful webseries ie. The Couple, Roomie Lover Friends etc., they are now moving towards paid subscriptions. Basically a Netflix for black people. Yippie! This is so exciting for me. They just started charging for their latest episode of “OKCupid” which is my favorite Black and Sexy TV show hands down. It was $3. This changes the game people! We are moving away from network and cable TV and Black and Sexy is at the helm! They’ve found a way to finally monetize web series.

Tonight I went to a meeting where Franklin Leonard (Blacklist Founder) was speaking and he pretty much said the future is mobile tv. People are going to be consuming content on their Ipads, smart phones and other devices that are smaller than a TV. This really inspires me to create my own content so I can have a greater influence on the images and entertainment that portrays people like me. I loved how they’ve created a space for themselves. They didn’t wait for “their turn”. I love that. Don’t wait for someone to give you a chance, give yourself a chance. You have everything you need to make your dreams a reality. Now go do it. No excuses.

With love,



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