I’m Failing at Keeping My New Years Resolution…and its not Even February!

I’m not going to lie. Its only January 27 and my new years resolutions are not being held up as much as I would have liked. Its not out of lack of trying, but lack of proper execution. One of my goals was to learn spanish and I’ve tried to read a little here and there but I’m not very vigilant about it and I believe its because I haven’t executed my plan properly. I had a plan but for some reason I got cocky and felt I didn’t need my plan. Now I feel like I’m at square one. We really can be our own worst enemies sometimes.

Good thing my other resolution was to love myself more deeply. So I can’t beat up on myself, I just have to try again. In life we are going to fail ourselves over and over again. But what counts is how get back up. If you haven’t been very successful at staying true to you new years resolutions…its okay. You always have tomorrow. Now go eat a cookie. You deserve it. 🙂



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