Some Goals Don’t Have to Be Measurable


A couple days ago I was complaining to my New Years accountability group that my New Year’s goals were boring and weren’t measurable. If you read my blog often you remember that my goals were:

  • To love myself and others more deeply
  • Practice Discipline
  • Learn Spanish

Not very measurable. However, my goals are more about being the woman I want to be in 2014. Since they are intangible I have to be more focused on achieving them. You can’t put a number on love but you know inside when you are lacking in love or when you are overcome with it. ❤ As I get older and achieve more, I’m more concerned with the big picture. Is this the path I want to be on? Is my life balanced? Am I satisfied/happy? So my goals increasing become about the person I want to be rather than a material thing or a specific job. Because in the end its the person that will make me happy, not a house or a tv gig. 


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