I <3 Casting Directors

Today I learned something that changed the way a viewed an entire group if people.

I learned that casting directors are my friends. For a long time I thought they were annoying people who held the keys to my dreams that just needed to get out of my way. But I was wrong….Soooo wrong! They’re awesome little fairies that can provide you just the right amount of fairy dust to make you fly. I discovered this when I emailed over 100 casting directors to be considered for their upcoming projects. Lots of CD answered me back, I got about 10 mailer daemons, and a couple automatic messages. But overall I noticed the tone was warm, and what’s that word…helpful. They were actually helping me! Who woulda thunk it? One CD even recommended a couple talent agencies which lead to a meeting I have tomorrow.

For a long time I thought agents could get you places and that may be true, but you need to  be getting donuts, chatting it up and building relationships with Casting Directors. Agents can really hurt your spirit and soul, but casting directors are rooting for you! And its genuine…

So now my new goal is to meet with every single casting director who casts for a show I want to be on. And I’m making a master list with my friend for the primetime shows. I encourage you (if you’re an actor) to make your own master list and meet with some CD’s. They’re awesome!




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