Pat Yourself on the Back Sometimes….

ImageI had a long talk with my cousin today and she said i sounded like I didn’t miss my hometown. For those of you who don’t know, I’m from Brooklyn NY. The truth is, I did miss New York but I had come to terms with where I was. I have been working on being present and I guess its paying off. I understand that in order to achieve my goals I will have to sacrifice my comforts and delay some gratification. I’d rather live in LA now, where I can afford it and move to NY when I have the financial leverage I need. 

As I reflect on my time here, I’m doing everything I wanted to do.

1. Working on a TV Show

LOL. I know its a short list. Hehe, but its what I came here for. It was a big goal and I accomplished it.  We’ve already been green lit and have an air date. 🙂 Now I have new goals I want to achieve.

1. I know this sounds super cheesy, but I want to meet my soul mate. Someone who can be my best friend, lover and business partner. 

2. Book a starring role in a studio film or a film that will be in theaters nationwide. 

3. Get down to 16% body fat. 

4. Get an agent.

In order to achieve these goals I’m working on them every day. Its hard. Especially go to the gym everyday, but its good for me. Sometimes your goals should be short and sweet so you don’t get too bogged down. Having 1 singular focus certainly helped me. I got a TV show without having an agent. That’s not heard of. But when you’re blessed and you hustle stuff happens for ya. 



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