How You Plan to Achieve Your Goals is More Important Than What They Are


I had an amazing holiday vacation. I saw friends and family, promoted my projects on 2 different radio shows acted in a film and reconnected with a special person. These experiences gave me new insights, courage and inspiration. I really needed it. I was almost running on empty in LA and I needed to refuel. I’m not sure if you participate in the whole New Years resolution thing, but I have three.

1. Practice Discipline

2. Love others and myself more deeply

3. Learn spanish

I have a whole list of Professional, Spiritual, Health and Relationship goals, but these resolutions are about being the woman I want to be.

I think goals are great, but actions are better. EVERYONE has goals and wants to be a better person, but HOW exactly do you do it? I think the HOW is way more important than the what when it comes to goals and resolutions. To achieve mine, I’m going to self test myself everyday to check.

How did I love myself today?

How did I love others?

Was I authentic?

How many new spanish words did I learn today?

I also plan to start writing my journal entries in spanish instead of english. These intentions also aide in my goal to practice discipline. I encourage you to spend time thinking and recording HOW you will achieve all your goals and resolutions. Its easy to say I want to make $100,000 a year or 10Million in 2014, but HOW are you going to make it happen? What is your industry? What are you doing each day to achieve your goal? Explore that.


Nydia Simone

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