I’m Back – Updates

Not sure if you missed me, but I certainly missed you! I wish I had some good excuse but the only reason I haven’t been writing  is because I forgot my password and was too lazy to reset it. I’ve had many changes in life since I last posted. I booked and shot my first print job with Nationwide Insurance, I’ve accepted LA for why I’m here and what it is, I cleaned my apartment and I officially launched my youtube channel. Its going to be pretty funny. I have 2 videos up so far and I’m writing my web series so I can release it next year. 

Hollywood isn’t horrible. I had to adjust, and I’m still adjusting. I miss the pulse of New york City, but it was that same pulse that gave me headaches. I don’t know why I do that. Glamorize the past. Isn’t that something that we all do? Make the past seem like it was soo great? Whether it be an old boyfriend or old job we make it seem like it was heaven. Then, why did we leave?  Because it wasn’t good enough. It may have not been bad, but we wanted better. And that’s why I’m here. I wanted better for myself and I saw an opportunity I didn’t have in NY. It seems to be working out well for me. I’m starting to make more income, meet more people and take more risks. 

My Youtube Channel is more of an experiment and a reason to be creative. You make think it’s really weird but I’m really weird. So there! I’m going to be vlogging and doing some sketch comedy stuff. Tell me your thoughts. Remember to comment and subscribe!


Nydia Simone


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