Where are the Supermen?


I know I usually don’t talk about this on my blog, but I’ve been getting bored with my posts. I was thinking about all the guys that try to win my affections, and what it would take for me to fall head over heels for a guy. And I realize what I most attracted to is the strength, of ma man. Not necessarily physical strength. (That’s good too ;)) but the mental and emotional strength. I think that strength is what separates men from boys. Men who are able to solve their problems without being defensive or lashing out at other are just…sexy. We’ll I’m my opinion. Everyone is different.


Then I thought, where are these men? Are they in college, or did they attend the school of hard knocks? Are they accountants or actors? Are they in church?


I feel like todays breed of men are a bit weak. After women became breadwinners and no longer needed their men to bring home the bacon, they went soft. Drake said it himself; “guys talk more than girls these days”.  He used different language of course.  Women and men have almost switched roles, but no ones happy about it.  Women can find “good enough” men and men think women are too controlling.


I think we need to go back to the core of what makes us great women and men to begin with. Men have to take control of situations and stop whining. Of course there are times in your life where you have to vent, but enough is enough. At some point you just have to deal with it.  And, I’m not saying all men are wussies, but a lot of men in my generation could heed this advice. And when a guy does have a strong mental capacity, he almost seems like a superman to other women. LOL, But he’s just being a man. A real man.


Share your thought, if you wish…


One thought on “Where are the Supermen?

  1. jammy wammy says:

    These are societal rules set to place genders in certain stereotypes. Not every man is going to be a “manly” ( or as you like to put it “real”) man and that’s okay. It seems like you’re being a bit harsh on guys. The world is changing everyday and people, just like you, are trying to figure out their role in the world and a place to fit in. Most people never take the time to get to know themselves and we all know that guys mature slower than women do.


    Don’t talk about men on here. Elch! This is YOUR journey!

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