New Goals- I decree

I had an amazing callback for a tv pilot. I pray it gets picked up cuz it was sooo much friggin fun! It called “What’s Poppin?” and it’s an All That/Teen SNL type show. Improv and comedy are so much fun. Drama is awesome, but its nothing like hearing that immediate reaction from the audience.  I’ve decided to completely focus on my career at the expense of everything else. It seems silly, I’m interested to see what happen if I completely focus on me and my goals. I’m not leaving out Jesus or anything like that. But I won’t be focused on developing new friendships or personal relationships in Cali. I believe the reason I’ve been so successful up til now is because of my singular focus.  Some of my goals are:


Become financially stable via commercial income

Book a TV Pilot

Furnish my apartment

Build relationships with 3 network executives


I want to have these goals reached by January 1st, but its okay if they take longer.


Let the games begin!



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