Have Fun – In other news, don’t be desperate



Sometimes you can work yourself into a frenzy. Its important to have fun. Go to the mall with your friends, play some GTA, do something just because you like to do it. Personally I love stuff like skiing and painting. Painting is something that really relaxes me and takes me to a happy place. I love mixing the colors, and filling the painting in. Its important to be balanced and take some time out for yourself. If you don’t, you’ll burn yourself out.


In other news, I had a great audition for an equity show called “The Rise and Fall of my Breasts” in LA. For some reason I can tell if my auditions are good or bad. I would love to do the show, it felt so good to be on stage. I had a lot of fun doing the audition too. I have a callback for a pilot tomorrow, an audition for an improv group on sat and a possible shoot or table read on sunday. I’ve been busier with audition and callbacks these days. Its been great. And I’ve been learning alot of lessons. Th main one is “Don’t make decisions out of desperation. I did that last week and took a temp job I shouldn’t have taken because it was 8-5 which left no time for auditions or anything else. After I accepted the job, I was called for three auditions. I learned that I need to stay focused on the reason I came to California. So I won’t be committing to anything that will distract me from my goal in the future.





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