Your no will always be your most formidable weapon

Today a friend told me ” Your no will always be your most formidable weapon”. Apparently I had no clue what formidable meant because when I looked it up my definition was a little off. lol

Formidable: inspiring fear or respect through being impressively large, powerful, intense, or capable.


I digested this for a moment. It pretty much stopped me in my tracks. When I came to Cali, I thought if I could get an agent interested in me, I was home free. But now that its happened, I decided to pass. I realized that getting an agent doesn’t solve my problems of exposure. Only I can make people fall in love with me or believe in my talent. A middle man may be able to get me in the door, but I have to produce. So I decided against getting an agent. I’m going to do it myself. It may seem crazy but I want to be in control of my career. I refuse to be controlled or forced into a box. 


-Nydia Simone

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