Getting Down to Earth

This has been a cray week! I lost my phone…that is pretty much the extend of the craziness. I booked a photoshot so this will be my first paid gig in California! Whoopie! I may be working with an agency soon, so I’m hype about that. I’m still furnishing my apartment. I only have the basics, which kind of sucks. I’m going to thrift stores to find some gems, but if you any advice for cheap furniture, I’d happily take it. At this point, I miss New York. I definitely don’t want to go back for good but I want to visit. 😦 So I’m praying a book a national commercial so I can go back for Thanksgiving. I miss my friends and how I knew the city so well. I don’t know this city and it feels like I’m out of touch sometimes. I guess I just miss being familiar. But everything is good. I get my phone back today and I have a get together to go to this saturday. It should be fun and I’ll meet more peeps in the industry. My goal right now is to book a national commercial. Then I can go visit New York and have some financial cushion.



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