What Could You Do if You Didn’t Have Fear?


I realized I’m really scared. I’m so scared and fearful, I’m paralyzed in my fear. Which means I basically sabotaging my success. I’m afraid to make the wrong decision mostly. I’m so deathly afraid of making a mistake, I don’t try anything. This is probably the best way NOT to live out your purpose. I thought to myself, what would I do if I wasn’t afraid?

I don’t think its possible to live without being afraid. But I do think you can do things afraid and refuse to allow your fear to get the best of you. Tony Robbins says, you can’t live fearlessly, but you can live courageously. So I’m going to do that. Each day I’m going to actively attempt to live courageously…even if I fail sometimes.  I feel like the worse thing you can do is be an obstacle for yourself. They are so many people waiting to stop you from living out your dream for you to stop yourself.

If your scared of something, just remember you don’t have to wait until the fear goes away. You can do it afraid. 🙂


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