5 Lessons I Learned in Studio City/North Hollywood


Me with friends in Vegas on Monday. 😛


5 Lessons I Learned in Studio City/North Hollywood

 As of September 1st, I have been in California for a month. And its been a good…great one. I’ve met directors, producers celebrities etc. I’ve worked on a comedic pilot, made new friends, been to Vegas… and I finally moved into my own place.  Its funny, because a week after I moved to LA , it felt like a month but now I feel like I just got here. Here are some lessons I learned about myself and the industry a month into LA.



1. Everyone is watching you.

Everyone. The famous people and the not so famous people. You may get a role or a job based on the way you carried yourself at an event or the fact that you let someone’s assistant use your iPhone charger.


2. You Don’t Have to Change Yourself to Fit In.

I used to think I needed to be a certain to fit in, but just being Nydia is more than enough. I’m happy to know that I don’t have to try to be something else to get a job or to meet someone I look up to. I just have to be me. And just being me encourages others to be their truth selves.


3. Work Hard, You’ll be Rewarded for It

Based on my work at one event I had the opportunity to manage another celebrity event. Due to the fact that I took my volunteer opportunity seriously and gave it my all, people took notice and I became an asset.


4. Don’t Bring Your Expectations

Before I moved to LA, I tried not to have ANY expectations. I knew everything would be different, so I tried to expect the unexpected. I didn’t assume anything and I believe this is the reason I haven’t had any culture shock…maybe it will come next month.


5. Keep Track of Your Accomplishments 

Sometimes we don’t celebrate our victories because we haven’t accomplished all our goals yet. This is a very unhealthy habit. You’ll always feel like you’re not doing enough. I struggle with this myself, but I’m determined to get better. Maybe you didn’t get the job yet, but you got past the 2nd round of interviews. Pat yourself on the back. Good job.


So here they are. I have much more to learn and experience while I’m here.


Nydia Simone




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