Apartments – NYC Vs. LA

Today I found the perfect apartment. One thing LA has over NYC for sure is cheap rent. You will NEVER find any studio.1 bedroom in NYC for $875-$950 unless you are sharing the apartment or you’re on section 8. I feel like its so much easier to search for apartments in LA. First off, there are signs EVERYWHERE…we’ll thats pretty much it. Its crazy, because the apartments here are cleaner, cheaper and California has a higher minimum wage.


Here are some things I learned while apartment shopping.

1. Stick to your budget.

You can find everything you need within you’re budget and you’ll have less anxiety when its time to move, becasue you know you won’t get kicked out.

2. Know what you want.

You may not get everything you want, but if you know what you want, you’ll get everything you need.

3. Be organized.

Know the neighborhoods and rates of the apartments you want  to see so you don’t waste time going to apartments that are outside your budget or in a neighborhood you don’t like.

4. Check everything!

When you check out an apartment, don’t just take pictures of the place. Check the water pressure, flush the toilet, check the outlets, ask questions about the stove. Ask to see the laundry room etc. Ask how often maintenance is available for exterminations etc.

5.Don’t wait.

If you know you like a place, make an offer or pay your deposit asap. You’re not the only one who knows its a great deal. 

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