Do it Afraid

Today was a pretty full day. I applied for 8 jobs. It was soo draining! But I feel like I’m getting closer to a job and an apartment. Then I spent so time with a friend who I found out was a  regular on General Hospital. Whaaat?! It was fun and we spoke about the business and I learned some tricks of the trade from him. We went to Panera and he wanted to hear my accents so we ended up making friends with a guy sitting next to us. He liked the accents so we ended up exchanging information. Turns out he’s shooting a TV pilot for a comedy and he wants to cast me! Yippie! 

So if you didn’t know, I’ve always been a talented writer. However because I’m so intimidated by the producing process I’m haven’t really tried to actively tried to produce any of the work I’ve written. But that stops today. My best friend’d dad once told me “Just because you’re afraid of something, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it”. So I’m going to do it afraid. I’m going to produce or start to produce one of my projects before the end of the year. And I encourage you to do whatever scares you, afraid. We can’t wait for the fear to leave us. If we do, we might be waiting forever. 

-Nydia Simone

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