LA Transportation…they LIED to me!


If you’re going to move to LA, you NEED a car.

Its impossible to get around LA without a car.

Public transportation is horrible.

I don’t have a car OR a driver’s license and somehow I’m surviving. Of course I plan to get those things in the future, but for now I have a bike and a tap card aka NY metro card.  The main reason I’ve been so successful using the PT is largely because of technology. I use my Hopstop app to get EVERYWHERE. It tells me how long it will take to get to a location, the times of the bus/train Im taking  etc. I’m sure it would be much more difficult to get around without my gps system. The public transport is great. It’s clean, not crowded like NYC, it accommodates your bike and it’s a heck of alot cheaper than NYC’s subway system. It costs $112 for a monthly metro card in New York, whereas its only $75 for a monthly tap card in LA. Also a one way fare is $1.50 in LA, but in NY its $2.50.  However LA ‘s public transportation system isn’t as extensive at NYC’s. In New York you can get to most destinations without transferring, but in LA you usually have to transfer or take a bus to a train or walk for 10 mins to the train.  All in all, I like the PT; you get to skip LA traffic, avoid parking nightmares and you don’t have a car note.

-Nydia Simone


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