2 Weeks Down!

This week has been packed with job and apartment searching,  and lots of introspectiveness…if thats a word. On Monday I went to audit one of Howard Fine’s Master classes at his studio. It was AMAZING, and it reminded me of why I became an actor in the first place. Acting makes me excited, I mean I wanted to jump on stage and burst out a monologue just so he could critique me. He truly has a gift and I can’t wait to start his class next month. This lead me to have even more urgency to get a job, any job. Just so I could afford his class. I don’t want to be just another pretty face in Hollywood. I want to be one of THE BEST. So I’m willing to be patient and take my time. It’s difficult, because like a lot of millennials, I want it right now. This alters my plan a little, but change is good. 


I’ve been meeting a lot of friends “friends” this week. I’ve been learning a lot and getting some good leads. I think I’m more open to a manager now. I FINALLY understand what they do. And at this point, i have so much to learn about the industry, I could use some help. So, all is well and I’m staying focused and moving forward. 

-Nydia Simone


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