Stay Hungry

I can understand why people in LA can get lazy and drag their feet when it comes to pursing theirs careers. It can seem like its easy to work in entertainment in this town. EVERYBODY works in entertainment. They’re either a dancer, singer, location scout, director. You name it. Ant there is always some screening or festival to go to, so if you can’t catch the one  this weekend, there is always next weekend. I think this kind of easy access can create laziness and lack of urgency. You think “its not going anywhere”. And that can be great if you feel you’re life isn’ balanced and you need to pay attention to other aspect of yourself. But it can be horrible if you are putting off things that you need to do to  pursue your dreams. Stay hungry. Its important because it forces you to be productive and continue to move forward in your life. You never want to stay in a rut, especially when you have access to unlimited opportunity. Don’t be your worst enemy, there are enough hurdles in life to jump.



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