You are in complete control so go be failure



I was so tired yesterday I forgot to blog before I went to bed. Yesterday was a good day though. I had my first audition in LA, and I slayed it! Yes, I did. I went to Hollywood for the first time. It was pretty cool. I also when to Trader Joe’s to buy some food. The Trader Joe’s here is  so huge! Well, compared to NYC. There was soo much space. No bumping! It’s nice to actually have breathing room. Today I met with a director and helped shoot a short film. I say help because I was background. It was pretty awesome though. I met some great people and the spread was great. They had lots of tasty snacks. I’m going back tomorrow morning and I’m getting  ride. woot! woot! I also went to a service/gathering of believers at CBS Radford. It was great though. I was nervous because for a long time I felt like Jesus and Hollywood were oxymorons. I felt like I had to make it fit, but God is here. I don’t have to make Him fit and I feel so comfortable and excited to know that. I met some great believers, got some awesome prayers and I was a light to others. Thanks be to Jesus! Now off to my lesson of the day.


You are in complete control so go be failure

Many people in entertainment and outside of entertainment have told me that acting is sooo competitive. So what? What isn’t competitive these days? Even city jobs are hard to get. Everybody wants to be a janitor for the city. It comes with a pension! If life is going to be difficult, you might as well do something you love.

At every given moment, you are in complete control of your life. You choose what you eat, what you put on your body where you go and how you get there. No one forces you to eat donuts and cake so if you’re fat stop eating crap and buy some spinach. If you want to move to a different state go buy a plane ticket and couch surf for a month. You’re in control. Stop lying to yourself. Go make a mistake. Failure is a great teacher, success is not. If you make a huge mistake, it gives you freedom. Sometimes we are so afraid of making mistakes we don’t take ANY action. But how can you grow and be the star you were meant to be when you’re too afraid to make a decision? Always move forward. It will give you more satisfaction than your rut.

-Nydia Simone


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