2nd Day Win!


So my first official day in LA was very eventful. I walked around my neighborhood a little, used the public transportation to get to Pasadena and met with a producer. It led to some job leads so I deem today a productive day! I’m solo tired. Last night I woke up at 4:30am and hard a hard time going to sleep. It seems my body is still on New York time. I tend to get EXTREMELY tired around 5:30-6pm. Weird. I really like using the public transportation because its relaxing I get to see the city and it comes on time. NOTHING like New York.  Everything is so clean and sunny. And its cheaper.  So far, my plan is working. I have an audition tomorrow, I’ll be on set on Sunday and I’m starting to get connected into the entertainment community. I cannot express the importance of a PLAN. I know it may seem too early to tell, but I feel like everything is going extremely well and a big part of that was my plan. When I decided to move to cali, I made a plan. It was difficult but it was clear to me. Here are some of the components.


  • Why? (Why am I going to LA? What am I searching for that I can’t get in NY?)

-Be clear about what you want. I came to LA because its the Film/Television Mecca of USA and I felt I would have a higher visibility due to my specific type. I wanted to focus on TV/Film only. Not Theatre and I wanted to have access to more teenage roles.

  • Tell Everyone what you want to do

-I told everyone what I wanted to do. People can’t help you if they don’t know you’re looking. I wanted to know what other people felt about the city and ask about their experiences. 

  • Saturate yourself in it

-This sounds silly but I would watch alot of LA TV shows and movies and read their news and basically acted like I lived there already.

  • Ask your network for assistance

-I told people I needed help and they came through. You’ll never know if you don’t ask.

  • Months before the move tell the people in LA you’re coming

-I let people know in advance I was coming so they could give me leads. This way your network can prepare for you’re arrival.

  • Research until your nose bleeds!

-I researched as much as I could about going to LA for entertainment, production companies hiring, etc.

  • A week before moving tell all your LA contacts you’re coming and try to set up appoints to meet.
  • As soon as you get settled, tell all your LA contacts you’re available for coffee and get your job leads
  • Prove Yourself!

-You gotta do the work. There is NO WAY around it.

Capture your dream!


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